Corporate Structure

Incorporated in 1887, The Straits Trading Company Limited is a conglomerate-investment company with diversified operations and financial interests internationally in resources, property and hospitality. Its investments include majority or strategic stakes in Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad, which is dual listed on Bursa Malaysia and SGX-ST; Straits Real Estate; ARA Asset Management Limited and Far East Hospitality Holdings as well as a diversified property portfolio that is wholly-owned by the Group.

Organisational chart of The Straits Trading Company Limited

By leveraging our global business networks and international partners, Straits Trading is able to access unprecedented investment opportunities and enhance the value of our diverse investments. As Straits Trading’s diverse investment platforms interact, they generate additional streams of income and create avenues for capital to be allocated to investments with greater returns. The momentum of this continual process is the core of Straits Trading’s strategic approach.

Straits Trading’s key business investments fall into three core segments: Property, Resources and Hospitality.